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Greek Island Painting Trip

Jeremy will be going to the beautiful island of Kalymnos from 3rd June-10th June 2017 to tutor for Greek Island Painting Trips.

Spaces are still available for those who would like to experience both his expertise as well as this fantastic island.

Further details can be found at

You can also contact Maria on 00302243048246

Hope to see you there.


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Holiday Cottage

We are still getting the holiday cottage ready for rentals. We are expect to be up and running by the 1st April 2017. Keep you eyes peeled on here and our Facebook profiles for the BIG reveal in the early part of March when will be in a position to start taking bookings for this summer.

We are still in the planning process for doing Art Holidays.

We are having extra a rooms kitted out to cater for guests for this and are aiming to do at least two this year. These rooms will also be available for holiday rentals outside the Art Holiday weeks.

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Painting by PIN numbers

Whilst my paintings take the form of traditional oil on board, the process used to create them is very modern. I use different sized sections of credit cards to paint with, giving me many options as to how to portray whatever it is I am painting.

I wanted to give an insight into the way in which the paintings progress from the beginning through to completion. Below are photographs capturing the evolution of one of my recent paintings ‘Catch of the Day’

Blending in colours in a wave motion
Blending in colours in a wave motion

Using the flat edge of the credit card to create an even horizontal line

Using the corner of a credit card to blend the oil paints

Doing some highlights where the sun is catching the ripples.
Doing some highlights where the sun is catching the ripples.

The painting is starting to take shape, with the sky and sea in place

Using the edge of a small piece of credit card to get a crisp highlight

Adding the foreground colour on top of the red base colour

The finished painting 'Catch of the Day'
The finished painting. ‘Catch of the Day’ by Jeremy Sanders

If you have found this process intriguing and would like to find out more, or even book me to come and do a demonstration, I’d be delighted to hear from you, either in the comments or via the contact page.